Biocoenosis monitoring in marine and transitional environments

Mapping seabed biocoenosis (oceanic posidonia, coralligenous species, invasive species, etc.)

Carried out via Multibeam sonar systems with DGPS positioning, verified at control points through diving or ROV imaging.

Benthic population survey

When sampling sediments, waters and fyto-coenosis (oceanic posidonia, macrofytes, algae) we carry out chemical analysis of the zoobenthos and fythobenthos aimed at the production of thematic maps, application of dataset intelligence (NATURA 2000 network, LITA ASPIM, etc.), and environmental quality indices (M-AMBI, PREI, etc.).

Fish population survey

Carried out with divers or ROV imaging via wire-controlled cameras with DGPS positioning and ultra-short SCOUT basis.


Past projects

Galsi Spa
2009 – 2010
Environmental and morfo-bathymetric monitoring for the Characterization plan. Tuscany-Sardinia.

Mapping oceanic Posidonia prairies in Pevero (Sardinia)

MarPark Spa
Characterization of the seabed in five bays of the National Park of the Archipelago La Maddalena for the feasibility study on MarPark mooring systems.

MarPark Spa
Seabed characterization in Cala di Volpe

Municipality of Villasimius – Marine Protected area of Capo Carbonara
Pilot testing of shoreline monitoring protocol

Galsi Spa
Chemical-physical and Benthos analysis. Tuscany-Sardinia

SGS Italia SpA
Sampling bio-accumulation in the coastal marshes near Oristano (Sardinia)

ARPA Sardegna
2014 – 2015
Monitoring marine coastal waters