ECOREEF in costal areas

The ECOREEF® modular system is designed to provide coastal defence and to secure buildings at risk, by assembling modules of varying shape and size of the same colour as the local sediments, to minimize its impact on the landscape.

ECOREEF® modules have a semi-rigid, environmentally friendly, bio-concreting structure with high resistance to marine weather and impacts.

Legislative Decree 163/2006, Art. 57 para 2, letter b) and c) provides for negotiated intervention in the presence of a patent demonstrating the uniqueness of the equipment, and urgent intervention if there are buildings at risk.


• Dune and slope reconstruction;
• Securing manmade structures (roads, houses etc.) and archaeological sites near the seaside;
• Dredging and sand filling of beach and river beds;
• Underwater protection against beach erosion and siltation of port areas using the ECOREEF® patent.

Work stage

• Field/Site Analysis;
• Project/Action design;
• Execution;
• Environmental monitoring;
• Maintenance.


Past projects

Città di Imperia
Maritime defence works to secure the village of Borgo Foce.

Municipality of Piombino
Safeguarding the coast in the area of Fonti di Baratti (Piombino). Urgent action against coastal erosion.

Comunità montana dell’Elba
Repairing underwater pipe in the area of Naregno

Provincia di Pisa
2010 – 2011
Safeguarding the coast north of the mouth of the river Morto