ECOREEF modular defence system for river and lake flooding

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The ECOREEF® modular system is designed to provide defence against river and lake floods and to secure buildings at risk, by assembling modules of varying shape and sizei.

ECOREEF® modules have a semi-rigid structure with high impact resistance.

In the event of river and lake floods, the ECOREEF® modules are positioned to create levees within 48 hours from the flooding alert. At the end of the emergency, they are collected at given storage sites, ready for the next event.

Within 8 hours from the flooding alert, we can mount 400 m of levees per structure.

Legislative Decree 163/2006, Art. 57 para 2, letter b) and c) provides for negotiated intervention in the presence of a patent demonstrating the uniqueness of the equipment, and urgent intervention if there are buildings at risk.

System characteristics

• Variable size depending on the required levee height;
• Filled with sand to ensure high stability;
• Modular system to enable fast assembly and dismantling of the modules;
• Storage at short distance from the intervention areas;
• Options to buy or rent the system.


Past projects

Regione Toscana – Land defence department
Rental, transportation, assembly, monitoring and dismantling of levees against the swelling of the Arno river in the centre of Florence.